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Fire engineering and acoustics

An effective strategy is essential to the design of masterplans and buildings

What is Fire engineering and acoustics?

The sound environment effects every part of our daily lives. Whether controlling the negative aspects of noise or enhancing and creating positive sound environments. An effective fire strategy is essential to the design of masterplans and buildings, both new build and refurbishments.

Why is Fire engineering and acoustics Important? 

Fire protection engineering is implementing the principles of science and engineering to protect individuals, properties and their environments from the dangerous and damaging effects of fire and smoke. This includes technology which focuses on fire detection, suppression and prevention and fire safety engineering which focuses on human behavior and the maintenance of a safe fire evacuation environment. 

Acoustic engineering can reduce the quantity of unwanted noise, known as noise control. Unwanted noise can have significant effects on animal and human health and well-being, decrease student performance in classrooms, and cause hearing loss. Noise control concepts are applied in technology and design in a variety of ways, including regulation by changing sound sources, building noise walls, sound absorbers, suppressors, and buffer zones, and using hearing protection. Yet acoustic engineering is not just about noise control; it also includes positive uses of sound, ranging from using ultrasound in medicine to coding digital sound synthesizers, and from designing a concert hall to improve an orchestra's sound to determining the sound system of a railway station so that announcements are smart.


What fire engineering and acoustic services does TÜV SÜD OFFER?

Our acoustic services include:

  • Sound Insulation Testing in Accordance with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations
  • Acoustic Design Support through all RIBA Stages 1-7
  • Noise & Vibration Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies to Support Site Suitability in relation to Noise
  • Sound & Vibration Assessments to Support Planning and Development
  • Acoustic Support to Achieve Environmental Accreditation such as BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes, Quality Home Mark, LEED or others.
  • Construction Phase Support
  • Commissioning Tests
  • Ongoing Support when Buildings are Operational, such as Long Term Monitoring, Compliance Testing or Comfort Studies
  • Digital Acoustic Modelling of Internal Spaces.
  • Digital Noise Mapping of External Areas
  • Noise at Works Assessments

Our fire Engineering services include:

  • Fire Strategy Development and Advice
  • Fire Engineering Support through all RIBA Stage 1-7
  • Fire Engineering Support to Achieve Fire Code Compliance
  • Fire Protection Advice.
  • Fire Engineering Solutions
  • Fire Safety Management Plan Development
  • CFD & Evacuation Modelling & Advice
  • Fire Risk Assessment and Audits
  • Fire Training


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