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Specialist Lighting Design

Working creatively with light to enhance the visual environment

Our Lighting Design Specialists work creatively with light to enhance the visual environment, landscape and architecture on your project. 

We collaborate closely with clients and architects when constructing the initial brief. We focus on the unique qualities of your project and begin to explore the role that light can play.

What is Specialist Lighting design?

Each lighting concept takes the aesthetics and function of the space into account. Practical issues like cost, buildability, sustainability and ease of maintenance are all considered. The use of sketches, visualisations, models, images, diagrams and animations communicate ideas effectively during lighting concept development, so that we take you on the design journey with us.

The development stage is where conceptual ideas become design details. This is where an early dialogue with design, construction and maintenance teams help apply the power of light to its fullest extent. Mock-ups and tests explain the rationale behind the design and assists the construction process. We stand by our designs and enjoy seeing them through to construction.

Lighting schemes ultimately should be designed with people in mind and a successful project for us achieves not only a functional brief, but provides places that people want to live and work.

Why is specialist Lighting Design Important?

Specialist Lighting Design enhances the aesthetics of the building, saving money, improves productivity, simplifies and reduces the cost of on going maintenance.

What specialist lighting design services does tÜv sÜd offer?

  • Creative Lighting Design
    • Concept design from hand sketches through to Photoshop rendered visuals
    • Presentations and advice on lighting techniques
    • Internal and external lighting design
    • Architectural feature lighting
  • Technical Lighting Design
    • Technical lighting presentations
    • Full scale on site lighting mock-ups
    • Lighting details for luminaries integrated within the architecture
    • Technical advice on LED technology
    • Design of lighting levels and lux calculations
    • Advice on lighting standards, codes and regulations
    • Detailed build in details for luminaires and custom lighting techniques
    • Assistance with the specification of compatible luminaires and drivers
    • Technical advice of LED and deployment of LED technology
    • Photometric advice
    • Energy efficiency
  • Daylight Lighting Design
    • Daylight modelling
    • Façade modelling
    • Glare analysis
  • Master Planning
    • Master planning and way finding guidance
    • Landscape Design
    • Façade Design
    • Lighting design for planning applications
  • Lighting Control
    • Lighting control systems
    • Specification of compatible luminaires and drivers
    • Light measurement studies
    • Scene setting documents
    • On site scene setting / commissioning


Our lighting design studio is inhouse and we work side by side with our electrical engineers. An important aspect of the studio is to research the latest technology and lighting trends allowing the company to be on the forefront of lighting design. By sharing the expertise with our electrical engineers, the collective collaboration ensures the conceptual designs are brought to life with a real wow factor while still being innovative, functional and sustainable.

We are an independent organisation, therefore we have no commitment, allegiance or connection to any manufacturing or lighting supply organisation. In return this allows us to select the best luminaires & design solutions for the project.

We can provide seminars to educate & inspire our clients. This can be over a lunchtime or after work to keep clients up to date with the latest lighting trends.  

We believe the lighting studio can save clients money by selecting the best fit luminaires within budget to their projects while ensuring the lighting design is the most sustainable & environmentally friendly. By coming in early to a project the design can seamlessly integrate with the architecture.      

We have a real passion for light, for us lighting is both an art and a science.

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